Special Events/Fundraising

The following special events and fundraisers will benefit Dr. Oliver Sartor’s Prostate Cancer Research Fund. To learn more about each, please visit their respective event websites or contact Melanie Cross at 504-988-6592 or mcross@tulane.edu.


See Dr. Sartor’s Recent Community Webinar on Prostate Cancer

Calendar of Events…

Blue Ribbon Soiree – TBA
Gunning for a Cure – February 27, 2021
One Man Shoot – March 27, 2021
NOLA Bluedoo – TBA

How Funds Raised Are Used

Donations to the Oliver Sartor, M.D., Prostate Cancer Research Fund are used to support Dr. Sartor’s research efforts.

Currently, three Ph.D. scientists are being supported by the philanthropic funds raised by our supporters. One scientist is predominately responsible for administering the database that links patient clinical data to tissue samples and consents. She is also responsible for coordination of specimen collection from prostate cancer patients, specimen analysis, and the dissemination of these specimens to the three research laboratories (in addition to our own) with which we are currently collaborating. Another scientist is working to develop a new assay for drug development. This is a high-risk but potentially high-reward project. And a third scientist, recently hired as a molecular biologist, is working toward the definition of new molecular assays for genetic characterization of cancers. His laboratory efforts are designed to better understand the molecular underpinnings of cancer.